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6. Service module for repair and maintenance concerns and photo-copier count tracking and billing
5. Goods and Services Tax for cash and accrual accounting
4. New Financial Accounting Software Saves Customers for SMEs by delivering Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
3. egonomics unveils 32-bit Professional Business Suite
2. Enhancements to the Professional Business Suite
1. Our development philosophy

egonomics unveils 32-bit Professional Business Suite

The development team at egonomics have completed the full rollout of the Professional Business Suite 32-bit version.

This exciting new development has positioned egonomics as one of a select few 32-bit Windows-based Financial Accounting packages on the market today - aimed at the SME market.

The significant features on the new version include:

  • New database drivers utilising the latest Borland Paradox feature set

  • Enhanced data security and integrity, providing an extremely reliable platform

  • Major transaction speed enhancements, through the use of Delphi 5 programming tools

  • Ability to utilise the strength of the recently launched Crystal Report version 7, report generator

This is a major step towards the continual enhancement and development of the Professional Business Suite, and the eventual migration to true client-server architecture.

What this means to our customers is - more speed, increased reliability and staying in the
forefront of technology !

Business Software to empower

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. Enhancements to the Professional Business Suite.

Global Pricing.

Prices (cost or selling) can be increased by any percentage by a nominated range of Stock Code, Supplier, Stock Group or Stock Category.

Prices may also be increased from one price structure to another (Cost or selling). For example, retail prices can be a percentage increase on whole prices could be a decrease on retail prices, etc. As well as the more usual percentage increase on last or average cost.

Debtors Customised Order Form.

The operator can designate the number of items last sold to a particular customer to be printed on an order form to be faxed to the client. The price applicable to that client will be printed, along with a space for the client to enter the quantity required. All the client needs to do is fill in the quantities required, quote an order an order number and fax the order form back. Space is left at the bottom of the order form for additional items to be added.

Accumulating Invoice.

The Accumulating Invoice allows customers to have continual purchases (or services) throughout a designated period (normally a month) without raising an individual invoice every time. Items can be added to the invoice as required, and a single itemised account will be produced on demand. The Invoice can be printed in a normal invoice format or in an invoice/statement format showing all outstanding balances as well as the current purchases.

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. . Our development philosophy

We have designed the Professional Business Suite so that it is dynamic in its applications. In addition to the development of new modules egonomics provides annual upgrades of the software to incorporate features and changes through advances in technology or common business practices.

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