. In 1995 we came to the conclusion that Microsoft was here to stay and that in the Windows environment there was a need for a powerful accounting package for medium sized enterprises.

Our history as a custom software developer had shown us that this was one of the major requirements of the small/medium business sector.

. The question was? `could we develop such a package and add significant value?'

. By mid 1998,150 development years later and with over 200 researched sites in over 70 different industries - we had developed the Professional Business Suite. We had also added significant value. We were successful in incorporating within the package a major breakthrough for medium sized businesses - customer intelligence.

To complete our evolution as a developer and distributor, we added to our software development capabilities a distribution and marketing infrastructure. This was achieved in 1998 via the partnership with an international operation with outstanding achievements in IT distribution and marketing.

This was the birth of egonomics.

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